Area 51

You are a part of a crack special forces team dressed in bright, colorful, 1990's era, easily visible uniforms fighting apparently colorblind aliens in this crazy fun on-rails shooter.

Big Buck HD

WOOOOHOOO!!! That's a BIG KUDU!!! Pick up one a them rifles and GIT R DUN! Shoot Moose, Elk, Deer, Beavers, Squirrels, Eggs, Skunks, Kudu, Aliens and Electric Eels... just like grandad!

Guitar Hero arcade

Modern classic two-player game has landed at The Coin Jam. Go solo or join a friend to smash the greatest songs created with a big ole geeeetar!

House Of The Dead

This game was blowing away zombies before zombies were cool. You must destroy their evil creator, Dr. Curien, while saving scientists and your girlfriend. Not really though. You probably don't have a girlfriend.

Crane Game

Win something. Take a photo of your winnings. Post it on instagram. Receive only two likes. Swallow sadness.