This is one of the newest pinball machines in our lineup. An amazing table with great music and sound.

Addams Family

Based on 1991 The Addams Family movie, this unique table has lots of great toys.

Elvira's Scared Stiff

Bewbs and innuendo. This game has plenty of both. Also, monsters.

KISS Pinball

A remake of the classic machine from the 70's!


GIMME FUE GIMME FAA GIMME DABAJABAZA!!! This pinball machine will melt your face off! Choose your game by selecting one of Metallica's awesome songs. None of which are from St. Anger, which sucked really hard.

Star Trek Pinball

Newer Stern machine. Save Kirk. Save Spock. Save Anakin. Save Gandalf. Save Harry. Save the last dance.

Junkyard Pinball

Hard-to-find machine that plays for hours.

Walking Dead Limited Edition

Watch out for walkers! Designed after the popular AMC show and comic book, this version of the newest Stern pinball includes many extra features including Daryl's crossbow shot.

Ghostbusters pinball

No, not that one. The other Ghostbusters movie. You know, the good one. The one fans have wanted to play for three decades. At it does not disappoint.

Tales of the Arabian Nights

One of the greatest pinballs of all time. Fight the Genie. Do it now!

No Fear

This is the entry for No Fear Pinball