Cruis'n Exotica

A cool driving game that features several tracks including one that has dinosaurs, a track on mars, and an underwater track. Currently, we have 4 head-to-head cabinets to race against 3 of your friends.

Ivan Stewart's Super Off Road

A truck racing game where players compete against Ivan "Ironman" Stewart on eight different arena-style off road tracks. Cash won from races can be used to upgrade vehicles for the next race. Players can use nitro for a quick burst of acceleration.

SnoCross Arcade

Two huge linked cabinets. Race against a friend on snowmobiles.

Pole Position

Race your Indy car around the Fuji course before the timer runs out. The first run is the qualifying lap and your starting position is determined by your completion time. Avoid road hazards and other cars as you drive, earning extra time for each completed lap.


Picture Galaga and Tempest having a love-child. Then named it "Gyruss".