Select your favorite X-Men character and fight various foes. You can punch, kick, throw, and back-attack the enemies plus jump to avoid or jump-attack the enemies. Each character also has a unique mutant power. Play our X-Men on a 42" LCD!

Jurassic Park Arcade

Huge sit-in cabinet with two mounted guns. Capture T-Rex and various other dinosaurs that I won't even attempt to spell.

Dynamo Air Hocky

It's Air Hockey! Whack around a plastic puck on a cushion of air! Challenge your friends! Don't be a jerk about it! You'll lose your friends!

Street Fighter IV

Play against a friend or whoop the computer. Either way, iz gunna be alotta fun- hey hey.


It's the sequel to Galaga. The huge upgrade? Your ship can move into the second dimension! Boom! Mind blown.

Mario Kart GP arcade

The all-time best racing game is available at The Coin Jam. Race against a friend in this sit-down style cabinet, or just compete in your own Mariokart races against the computer!


Two player action comes alive in this new modern classic! Team up together against an army of giant monsters or play deathmatch against a friend!


4 players compete at 2 v 2 basketball. Please note: there is no "s" or "z" at the end of this title, as most people seem to think.


You are Peter Pepper, a chef who is in a hallucinatory nightmare dreamscape being chased by the very food he prepares every day. Armed with only a pepper shaker with very little pepper in it, you must avoid being murdered by a fried egg, a hot dog, and a pickle slice... all with legs and shoes. Watch for falling meat!

Bust A Move

The little adorable dinosaurs from Bubble Bobble are back, and this time you are organizing! Shoot matching colored marbles to clear the screen and advance to the next level.


This is a cool game. Control you gun and fend off the onslaught of centipede segments, fleas, scorpions and spiders! This is a fun, and fast paced classic with great graphics, unique sounds, and killer art.

Wizard of Wor

Run thru a maze a blast rudimentary animated beasts. The stuff my nightmares are made of.

Donkey Kong

You are Jumpman... better known as Mario! Rescue his girlfriend from a previous relationship, Pauline, from a giant gorilla! Jump over barrels, climb ladders, and collect purses and hats until you reach the top!


Another great classic! Get your frog home. It's located on the other side of a dangerous swamp, which is on the other side of a busy freeway. Good luck!


Control your ship to blast space bugs! That's it! Really!

Missile Command

4-inch trackball in one hand. Three buttons in the other. Make it rain.


You are a knight flying on an ostrich, battling buzzard-mounted enemies. To fly, you repeatedly hit the flap button. To topple the Buzzard-Riders "the highest lance wins." Two-player head-to-head play is excellent.

Magical Tetris Challenge

A classic game with a Disney twist. Choose Mickey, Minnie, Donald or Goofy and pit them against each other in a game of Tetris!

Mario Brothers

Turtles, crabs, and flies come pouring out of the waterworks. Hit the floor beneath them to flip them over, then kick them into the water. Collect coins for bonus points.

Jurassic Park Arcade

Brand new sit-in shooting game. Choose your weapon, then capture dinosaurs until PETA condemns you.

Ms. Pac-man

If you don't know what Ms. Pac-man is, you are probably in the wrong establishment.


We have no idea what this thing is.

Pac-Man Battle Royale

4 PAC'S ENTER... ONE PAC LEAVES! Challenge up to three friends to a four player death match in this extremely fun take on Pac-Man!

Sunset Riders

4 players team up in the old west to...uh....hmmmm. Actually, I have no idea what the goal is to this game. Probably just to shoot bad guys. Yeah. Let's do that. Shoot bad guys.

Terminator Salvation

Take aim. Who will survive in this post apocolyptic future? You or the machines? The studio is definitely milking this franchise as far is it can.

Tekken 5

The fifth installment in the only fighting-game franchise to sound like the name of an Ewok.

Super Mario Bros.

Remember that scene in Ghostbusters 2? When Louis asks Janine if she wants to play Super Mario Bros? Ok. Neither do we. Want to play Super Mario Bros though?

Track N Field

One of the few classic 80's games which actually made you sweat. Tap those buttons as fast as possible!

Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

A 3-D shooter that combines several modes - flight in several different vehicle types; first-person shooting; and a unique lightsaber mode. It uses several pieces of the original film scores. How many other games let you fight Darth Vader with a light saber? None. Exactly none. Play this game.

Strikers 1945

An airplane shooter where you can pick from several different airplanes. There are eight levels each with a different boss to fight at the end of each level.

Super Pac-Man

A different take on Pac-Man. You gobble up fruit, snacks, and keys to open doors all while avoiding ghosts. Pop a power pellet, and Pac-Man becomes Super Pac-Man! He can fly right through ghosts, and eat doors.


You are a mustachioed bartender flinging mugs of Budweiser toward thirsty patrons. You'd better keep up, or you'll break a glass or even worse, you'll get beat up. These people have a problem. FUN FACT: Parents didn't take kindly to video game companies marketing Budweiser to kids, so Tapper became Root Beer Tapper.


The game that started it all. Let's face it, if you can't figure out this game, you should stick to checkers.

Bubble Bobble

Totally custom cabinet with custom art and bubble top joysticks. Tis beautiful, Charlie Brown!


Based on scenes from the Walt Disney movie of the same name, this game has four distinct games per level: Lightcycles, Grid Bugs, Tanks, and the MPC Cone. All four games must be completed before you can advance to the next level.

Super Street Fighter IV

This new age fighter game is in its own dedicated cabinet with a 32" LCD mounted to produce beautiful HD graphics for you. 50 cents a play is how you gotta roll if you want to see how good your skills are in a public setting. We are about the only ones between Seattle and L.A. with one.